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December 14, 2019

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October 18th


Recent news!


Dear friends of City on a Hill,


We have exciting news to share! On September 9, City on a Hill took a big step forward in expanding its reach in the KC Metro area by entering into a formal partnership with Holy Family School of Faith. School of Faith is a public association of the faithful based in Overland Park, KS that works to “instill the Christian DNA in all people by inviting them into a daily deepening friendship with Jesus and others, and constantly multiplying by inviting others into this way of life. ” 


City on a Hill, formerly under the Office of Young Adult Ministry for the diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph, will, as an effect of this partnership, become permanently joined to School of Faith and their efforts to accomplish this mission. City on a Hill will aid in the broader mission of School of Faith while at the same time maintaining its own unique identity as a young adult – specific ministry.


Why this partnership now, you may ask? Three reasons. 

    • Firstly, School of Faith has 20+ years of experience in Catholic leadership formation and in equipping and sending out missionaries committed to this way of life which is what is most needed now for the future leaders of the Church who are within the City on a Hill Community.

    • Secondly, City on a Hill possesses the Catholic demographic (18-35) that School of Faith is most passionate about and has extensive experience in forming.

    • Thirdly, School of Faith’s fundraising and development will enable City on a Hill to add desperately needed staff and other resources. Currently City on a Hill is one of the top-5 largest young adult ministries in the country, seeing some 2,000+ unique young adults on a yearly basis, but with a staff of only 1.5 people!


Holding in mind that last point, I am also pleased to announce the hiring of Dain Finney to the staff of City on a Hill/School of Faith. Dain will assume the newly created position of Associate Director of Apostolic Development. This means that she will oversee all of City on a Hill’s apostolic efforts that are aimed outwards; our goal being to reach the 250,000+ young adults of the KC Metro area with the message of the Gospel. 


Lilly Tighe, my wonderful assistant for the past 2+ years, will transition from her role as Office Manager for the Office of Young Adult Ministry for the diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph, to the same exact role but now under the umbrella of the City on a Hill – School of Faith partnership.


For myself, I am delighted to remain the Director of City on a Hill, and I am more than a little bit excited about what the Lord holds for the future!



Fr. Mattingly

p.s. --- To learn more about School of Faith, visit here!



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